Back in 1995 founder Dave Benfield came up with a completely original idea — opening a restaurant with a small brewery inside that served its own original craft brewed beer. He’d call it a “brewpub.” Great idea, except he discovered that there were scores of brewpubs already established, so his innovative idea wasn’t one after all. Unable to hide his obsession for brewing, Dave forged ahead, knowing he had a true formula, and he was going to make his “cool.” By 1996 DuClaw Brewing in Bel Air opened its doors and within one year was dubbed “Bel Air’s hippest establishment” by the local newspaper. It was new, different, fresh, and stayed cool.

Today DuClaw offers an amazing array of craft brewed beers. Through constant innovation and testing of new recipes and combinations, Dave and Brewmaster Jim Wagner have brewed more than 35 unique beers, with countless variations and blends.

Having outgrown both their original facility in Bel Air and a second one in Abingdon, MD, DuClaw now resides in a large facility on the outskirts of Baltimore. They remain dedicated to keeping up their unique image, and forever “making it cool” for all their followers.

First brewed in 2011, Sweet Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter is jet black with a tan rocky head. Full bodied and creamy, with luxurious mouthfeel, it’s lightly sweet with chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter. Finishes smooth, dry and roasty. So savory you’ll exclaim its name!

New Neon Gypsy IPA is medium-bodied and clear with a thin white head and crisp mouthfeel. A vagabond blend of 7 different hops dominates, with citrus and pine notes and a clean hop finish.

Featured Beer from DuClaw Brewery:  Sweet Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter & Neon Gypsy IPA

PORTER — DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter: England’s first national beer, porters drank it for its nourishment. Dark and robust, top fermented porters are excellent with bold flavors like barbecue, smoked or grilled meats, bittersweet chocolate, robust cheeses.

INDIA PALE ALE —DuClaw’s Neon Gypsy IPA: Made bitter and strong to survive the long boat trip, it was originally brewed for British soldiers in India. DuClaw’s version is not a hoppy monster like some IPA’s. Enjoy this refreshing, top-fermented brew with seafood and all things spicy or grilled.


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