Adding fruit to each meal is an easy way to start eating better. In some cases, adding fruit to a dish could convince you to eat other foods that you might not enjoy otherwise. For example, adding strawberries to your shredded wheat cereal could make it more enjoyable to eat. Find

Fruits That You Like Eating

The first step is to find fruit that you enjoy eating. If you like grapes, you should buy a 1-pound bag each week when you go shopping. If you like bananas, you should buy a bunch that are green or slightly yellow to give you time to eat them before they get too ripe. When you buy what you enjoy eating, you are more likely to include those items in every meal, even if they don’t go with the meal at all.

Put the Fruit Where You Can See It

You won’t eat what you don’t see. If you put your apples and bananas in a bowl on the dinner table, you are more likely to grab one while eating dinner or when you are looking for a snack. For berries and grapes that must be put in the fridge, put them toward the front of the fridge so that you see them often.

Fruit Salad Never Fails

If you don’t know how or where to add fruit to your meal, mix a bunch of different fruits together for a fruit salad. You can mix melon slices, blueberries and grapes together to create something that tastes great while being easy and convenient to make. A bit of yogurt or nuts can add variety. Parents who have children can entice them to eat more fruit by making the salad colorful and visually appealing.

Look for Recipes Online

There are a variety of unique ways to add fruit to your meal. Did you know that bananas taste good when put on a peanut butter sandwich? Putting cranberries or pomegranate seeds in a salad can add some tart to it. Depending on your own tastes, you may be able to think of other ways to add fruit to your favorite meals that will help you boost your daily intake.

Just Add Fruit to the Side of Your Plate

If you really get stuck as to where you can add fruit to a meal, just add it to the side of your plate. The grapes or berries you eat are going to have just as much nutritional value whether they are eaten on their own or as an ingredient in a meal. If you’re looking to eat healthier, explore a variety of ways to add fruit to your diet. Whether you put pears on the side of your plate, add bananas to a sandwich or make a fruit salad as part of each dinner, it’s easy to increase your daily fruit intake.

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