This brewery was founded as Hoppers Brewpub in 1993 in Erie’s historic Union Station. At that time, their brewing capacity was 1,040 barrels a year. In 1996, they expanded production to 2,100 barrels, and added bottling capacity. Transition from brewpub to full-fledged microbrewery took place in 1999. They moved from their original Union Station location to their current facility. By then, their production capacity topped 6,000 barrels annually.

During the years of 2003 to 2007, Cardinal Equity Associates, a venture capital firm, gained majority stock in Erie Brewery. They instituted a major overhaul of the brand image and company management began. Production capacity was increased further, and Erie Brewery’s distribution field was extended. Several new tanks, a precision filtration system, a Monobloc bottling line plus a grain silo were added.

Finally, in 2012, Erie Brewing Company underwent a financial restructuring as well as an ownership change when Bob Lowther took the helm. Their management and sales team launched an initiative to improve distribution relationships, focusing on streamlining production and bottling in order to provide exceptional products as well as the best customer service possible. Today their tasting room offers samples of their classic brews and their latest specialties (with 5 or 6 beers always on tap), as well as personal tours. Mementos of your visit are available for purchase.

Scottish-style Railbender Ale is Erie’s flagship beer, and your favorite Beer of the Month Club’s pick.. Featuring deep malt flavor and caramel sweetness, it was awarded the Gold Medal in 2009.

Misery Bay IPA is light to medium in maltiness with an explosive blast of hop flavor.(Named in honor of the hardships endured during the battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.)

Featured Beer from Erie Brewery: Misery Bay IPA and Railbender Ale

IPA – Erie Brewery’s Misery Bay IPA – With 2-row and specialty hops, how could this brew miss? Refreshingly strong, this brew needs an equally strong menu of peppery cheeses, poultry, shellfish, sausages or any spicy dishes. It’s perfect with apple pie!

ALE – Erie Brewery’s Railbender Ale – A Scottish style ale featuring a deep malt flavor and caramel sweetness, this dark amber should be mated with fruity, mild and buttery cheeses, smoked or roasted meats, game, fish, and a Crème Brulee finish.

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