• Why do you fill your vases with warm water?

Warm water has less oxygen in it than cold water, making it easier for your flowers to drink.

  • Why do you cut the bottoms of the steams on a diagonal?

The diagonal cut will expose more of the cell structure and allow for a free flow of water and nutrients up the stem.

  • Why cut the stems underwater?

This allows the first “gulp” your flower will take to be water, instead of air, which can clog the stem opening and inhibit water intake.

  • Why remove all lateral stems and foliage beneath the water line?

They will get slimy and cause the water to become cloudy, promoting the growth of harmful bateria, and significantly shorten the life or your bouquet.

  • Why is vase placement so important?

You really don’t want to display your flowers where they will be exposed to drafts, extreme temperatures, on a T.V. set, or in direct sunlight. These areas can stress your flowers in different ways, and also can significantly shorten their vase life.

  • Why is refrigeration taboo?

Never put flowers in your refrigerator. There are many items in a refrigerator that give off ethylene gas. This is the gas that causes your fruit to ripen… and it’s deadly to cut flowers.

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