Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery, Inc. started in 1987, an industrious and inventive microbrewery located on the Milwaukee River. Today, your favorite Beer of the Month Club applauds the fact that it has become a Milwaukee landmark, rich in history, and continuing to do its part to preserve both its own and the area’s local history.

President Russ Klisch insists it was his brother Jim’s interest in beer making that prompted Russ to give Jim a beer making book for his birthday. While Jim wasn’t much of a cook, he proved he could create a good brew – prompting a sort of competition that Russ couldn’t avoid. In short, sibling rivalry and common interest lead both to enter beer-making contests, which they more often than not won. Encouraged by family (many already immersed in the beer industry) and friends, they turned their hobby into a business, and the story continues to unfold, as the brewery grows, moves and evolves.

What’s on tap this month from Lakefront Brewery? Fuel Café Coffee Stout is a unique combination of roasted malts and Milwaukee’s renowned Fuel Café coffee. It pours a deep, dark color with a beautiful creamy tan head. Coffee and roasted grain aromas dominate the nose. The fine balance of mild hops and the gentle acidity of choice coffee and the full mouthfeel from roasted malt barley make this an unforgettable brew.

Eastside Dark Lager honors the eclectic East Side of the city, a blend of three specialty grains that create a rich, smooth, dark beer that everyone enjoys. It pours clear and dark, with a rich off-white head. Roasted malt aromas form a pleasant background for the dark, rich flavor and smooth, complex finish.

Featured Beer from Lakefront Brewery:
Fuel Café Coffee Stout and Eastside Dark Lager

STOUT – Lakefront Brewery’s Fuel Café Coffee Stout – Top-fermented, this beauty is a well-balanced roasted malt and coffee-inspired treasure. Absolutely fabulous with dessert! Try it with a chocolaty brownie or a creamy tiramisu . . . or keep it simple and enjoy with fresh berries and vanilla ice cream. (Ideal served at 56 to 60 degrees.)

DARK LAGER – Lakefront Brewery’s Eastside Dark Lager – Dark, bottom-fermented lagers, rooted in the Bavarian region of Germany, are considered the traditional beer of Munich. Most can be described as toasty and chocolaty, with low bitterness and little hop aroma. Serve with grilled steaks, oven beef tips or pickled herring.

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