APPALACHIAN BREWERY – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg has a strong brewing tradition dating to the 1700’s. Prohibition forced most breweries out of business and the last brewery, Graupner’s Brewery, survived Prohibition, but closed May 14, 1951, exactly 46 years prior to the opening of Appalachian Brewery. Housed in an impressive three-story brick and heavy timber building built circa 1915, the original building boasts a past history of housing printers, railway and aircraft companies, auto parts and building supply companies – as well as surviving two devastating fires.

Restoration began on July 4, 1995 and it took the four owners and their loyal friends (affectionately known as “Friends of the Brewery”) months to restore the antique brick walls, massive wooden beams, hardwood floors and ceilings which today provide a warmth and inner glow rivaled only by the beer itself.

As a member of the Institute for Brewing Studies, Appalachian’s hand-crafted brews are 100% natural and adhere absolutely to strict craft brewing standards. Our beer of the month club is proud to offer these selections:

Jolly Scot Scottish Ale is a flavorful sweet ale that has a smooth malt finish balanced against a light hop flavor. This beer is very quaffable and is a brewpub favorite throughout the United States.

The Dortmunder-Export style of their Mountain Lager was developed in Germany and is a classic light lager with great character. This style boasts a light golden blonde color and exhibits a moderate hop palate. The finish of Mountain Lager is rich yet mellow. Appalachian’s brewers developed this beer as a tribute to the Appalachian Mountains, where they proudly live and play.

Featured Beer from Appalachian Brewing Company: Jolly Scot Scottish Ale and Mountain Lager.

SCOTTISH ALE: Appalachian Brewery’s Jolly Scot Scottish Ale – Scottish ales are a variation of the basic pale ale style popular in England. They are sweeter and less hoppy than standard pale ales. Some include dark malts and are presented in varying strengths. But they all go great with fresh vegetable salads and anything smokin’ off the grill. As all ales, Scottish Ales are top fermented.

MOUNTAIN LAGER: Appalachian Brewery’s Mountain Lager – This classic bottom fermented brew is light in the bottle, with great moderate hop character. Soft and clean, enjoy it with spicy or tropical foods.

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