Beer Diva Brewing came into being in 2011 with a mission to explore and revive ancient recipes and develop those boutique brands for the connoisseurs of handcrafted brews. Their very first undertaking was to create a low alcohol, low carbohydrate, low IBU beer that had great flavor and would appeal to ale and session drinkers alike.

The reward for their vision and hard work came in the form of Honey Amber Rose Ale, brewed with Rose Hips and locally grown honey clover. Brewed using an award-winning European recipe that is nearly 200 years old, part of that recipe calls for Honey Malt and a few other specialty two-row, pale, C-40 and Munich Malts. They give Honey Amber Rose that special “background” in its flavor profile that your favorite Beer of the Month Club knows you’ll appreciate..

After winning back-to-back Silver Medals in Florida State Beer Championships, Beer Diva Brewing acquired the brand and has taken it to the next level. It’s seductive in appearance, captivating in aroma, and hypnotic in flavor. While being low in calories and carbs, it is high in sophistication. It’s a delightful beer with a semi-dry finish and very clean aftertaste.

Featured Beer from Beer Diva Brewery:
Honey Amber Rose Ale

AMBER ALE: Beer Diva Brewery’s Honey Amber Rose Ale: Any ale darker than a pale and lighter than a brown is classified as an amber ale. Diverse in color, hoppiness and malt character, serve this American-style amber with chicken, fish, and grilled veggies. (Ales are always top-fermented.)

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