Since 2005, local high country business professionals Todd Rice and Jeff Walker have been collaborating on a beer recipe to fit their love of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The concept for Blowing Rock Ale evolved through recognizing the demand for a locally produced ale. Following previous experiences, they felt the dynamic was there to build a local company with its own brand. Their dreams lead them to work with a local brewer to perfect the flavor profile, balance and overall taste they sought. From a variety of recipes and scores of taste tests, the evolution of today’s perfect blend became Blowing Rock Beers.

Boone Brewing, so proud of the perfect balance between hops and malt in their recipes, takes pride in offering the High Country’s own Blowing Rock brand of beers to mountaineers and fans of the Blue Ridge Mountains alike. This premium American beer suits the tastes of both casual beer drinkers and true beer connoisseurs – a goal of creators Todd and Jeff. They’re confident you will soon include Blowing Rock beer on your favorites list. Quench your thirst with a Blowing Rock Brew! Experience it, compliments of your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

Blowing Rock High Country Ale is fermented with ale yeast that lends a distinct fruity-ester aroma and flavor. Deep golden, it has balanced hop bitterness and evident (but not overwhelming) hops aroma. It has medium body and crisp grainy character, compliments of Cascade and Centennial hops generously dry hopped, and 2-Row and Munich style malts.

Blowing Rock Summer Ale is brewed in a style of a Belgian White or Witbier, fermented with a Belgian “wit” yeast strain. A grain bill of pale malts and white wheat creates a hazy, kettle-hopped ale with orange peel and coriander spice nuances.

Featured Beer from Boone Brewery:
Blowing Rock High Country Ale and Blowing Rock Summer Ale

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