Butte Creek Brewing handcrafts award-winning earth-friendly organic ales, pilsners, porters and lagers. Since 1998, they have been a pioneer in brewing organically, focusing on quality, balance and true hop flavor. They support organic farming, fighting against global warming by reducing their carbon imprint. Theirmicrobrews are made using premium malted barley and whole-cone hops, certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and applauded by your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

Around the end of 1994, friends Tom Atmore and Bill Beeghly recruited brewmaster Roland Allen to join them in founding Butte Creek Brewery. They turned out their first batch of brew in May, 1996. Since that time, they have expanded, changed directions, changed locations, and experienced expansion as they have steadily moved up the Ladder of Success in the craft brewing industry.

Organic Pale Ale, a light American style pale ale, is like all Butte Creek beers – brewed with organic hops and malt for great flavor, and environmentally friendly. Coppery gold with a frothy white head, it has a slightly bread flavor with full body and creamy mouthfeel.

Featured Beer from Butte Creek Brewery:
Organic Pale Ale

PALE ALE: Butte Creek’s Organic Pale Ale: Pale ales are expected to be amber to dark in color, with medium alcohol. You can’t miss their snappy citrus hop flavor and aroma. This one is blessed with a rich body, too. Mildly bitter, the citrus flavor makes it the perfect partner for most fish dishes or American, Muenster, Havarti or Monterrey Jack cheeses. This one’s special – “organically” speaking!

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