Pietro Piegari arrived in America from Italy in 1903, settling with his family in Krebs, Oklahoma. At the ripe old age of 11, he officially changed his name to Pete Prichard and was hired to work in the local mine. When a mine cave-in ten years later crushed his leg, he could no longer be a miner. He took odd jobs to keep busy, and also took an interest in brewing beer after discovering a recipe from the local Native Choctaw tribe. He experimented until he perfected his own version, which he named Choc Beer. Pete sold his Choc Beer to the miners and other diners when they stopped first at Pete’s house where he sold home-made authentic Italian cuisine, then at “Pete’s Place,” opened in 1925. But Prohibition forced him to be a basement brewer, and when the law caught up with him, he did two full terms in Federal prison. Finally, in 1995, Pete’s grandson, Joe, reintroduced Choc Beer legally for the first time in decades.

Today, Joe Prichard and his wife, Kathy, proudly carry on the family tradition when they say, “You’re invited to our house for dinner.” Two beers they proudly serve with dinner, and your Beer of the Month Clubis proud to bring you, are:

1919 American Wheat is their legendary Choc ale. Unfiltered, all the flavor from the choice ingredients remains in the brew, and results in that cloudy haze. It’s fermented a second time in the bottle, resulting in a thin layer of yeast on the bottom. Your choice – decant, or enjoy that added yeast.

Summer Belgian Blonde Ale salutes Pete’s great grand-daughter on her 2009 wedding. The perfect summer ale, it combines premium pilsner malts, Belgium yeast and caramel malts.

Featured Beer from Choc Beer Company:
Summer Belgian Blonde Ale and 1919 American Wheat
Choc Beer

WHEAT BEER — Choc’s Beer 1919 American Wheat – Wheat beers (top-fermented ales) are brews containing 20% to 60% wheat. Wheat beer, of German heritage, has a distinctive yeasty / bread-like aroma, and a unique taste. It is a refreshing drink, sometimes served with a lemon wedge, and is even served as a breakfast drink! Great with pickled herring, cheese and crackers, and bread.

BELGIAN SUMMER BLONDE ALE – Choc Beer’s Belgian Summer Blonde Ale – Most Belgian Blondes are made of significant amounts of wheat, which is partly responsible for some notable cloudiness in the bottle and a creamy texture. Nothing is better than Belgian Wheat Ale and generous chunks of sweet cheese.

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