The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company came to be in 1853 in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Christian Moerlein was a Bavarian immigrant and blacksmith who loved brewing hearty European beers. His craftsmanship was rewarded with top honors wherever his beers were exhibited. Moerlein’s brews were not only popular in Cincinnati, but they were exported to Europe and South America, as well, in spite of the hardships of shipping at that time.

The company continued operating after his death in 1897, but Prohibition forced the brewery to close. But in 1981, when the Moerlein brand was reintroduced to Cincinnati, the updated beer was on the leading edge of the craft beer revolution. It became the first beer to certifiably pass the strict Reinheitsgebot Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. True to the law since Christian was the brewmaster, the beer contains only four ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

In 2004, the company was purchased by Cincinnati’s beer baron, Gregory Hardman. He follows the same guidelines of true quality and great taste as he overseas their 15,000 square foot facility. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club knows this commitment to excellence makes their beer a truly great beer experience.

Barbarossa Double Dark Lager honors Frederick I (1122-1190), Holy Roman Emperor of Germany, known as Barbarossa. With its malt aromas and toasty balanced finish with subtle flashes of toast, figs, coffee and rum, this slow-aged brew is legendary.

OTR Over-the-Rhine Ale is a throw-back from when refrigeration was limited and brewers used generous hops for stability; malt to balance the flavor. This beauty is skillfully crafted using three malts and two hops, resulting in a crisply balanced beer experience.

Featured Beer from Christian Moerlein Brewery: OTR Over-the-Rhine Ale & Barbarossa Double Dark Lager

DARK LAGER — Christian Moerlein’s Barbarossa Double Dark Lager: Dark red, bottom-fermented lagers, rooted in the Bavarian region of Germany, are considered the traditional beer of Munich. Usually toasty, sometimes chocolatey, with low bitterness and malt aromas. Serve with grilled steaks, oven beef tips, or pickled herring and crackers.

ALE — Christian Moerlein’s OTR Over-the-Rhine Ale: Expressive and complex with a pleasing fruitiness, ales are made with bottom-fermenting ale yeast. Lengthy aging is not critical as it is in lagers. Ales come in a wide range of styles and flavors. This crisp, quaffable selection bodes well with whatever fits your mood and satisfies your craving!

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