The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company was born in 1853, in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Christian Moerlein was a Bavarian immigrant and blacksmith who loved brewing hearty European beers, and his craftsmanship was rewarded with top honors wherever his beers were exhibited. Moerlein’s beers were not only popular in Cincinnati, but they were commonly exported to Europe and South America as well.

Though the company continued operating after his death in 1897, Prohibition forced our country’s breweries to close. But in 1981, when the Moerlein brand was reintroduced to Cincinnati, the updated beer was on the leading edge of the craft beer revolution. It became the first beer to certifiably pass the strict Reinheitsgebot Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. True to the law since Christian was the brewmaster, the beer contains only four ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

In 2004, the company was purchased by Cincinnati’s beer baron Gregory Hardman. He follows the same guidelines of true quality and great taste as he overseas the new 15,000 square foot facility. Your favoritemonthly beer club knows this commitment to excellence makes their beer a great beer.

You’re about to discover Moerlein’s Emancipator – a robust Doppelbock brewed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Six varieties of uniquely blended malts create a smooth toasted character and deep brown color with complex hints of caramel and coffee. Celebrate emancipation!

The first American beer to pass the Purity Law, Moerlein’s Lager is malty-rich in the Munich-helles tradition. Made of 2-Row and Munich malts and fine domestic and imported hops.

Featured Beer from Christian Moerlein Brewery:
Emancipator Doppelbock & Lager

DOPPELBOCK – Christian Moerlein’s Emancipator Doppelbock: This dark lager is “double bocked,” meaning it’s twice as strong as the standard bock, which is a sturdy brew. Bottom fermented, aged at cool temps, it is a meal in itself.

LAGER – Christian Moerlein’s Lager: This month’s third bottom fermented brew, lagers are aged for several months at very cold temperatures, which gives them a smooth, refined taste. (The word “lager” means “to store.”) Best served cold, straight from the cooler, with salads, fruits or desserts.

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