Founded in 2008 by proprietors Joe and Loretta Scott, and Director of Operations Bryan Siddle, Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling Company brews several popular beer varieties. Their mission is to produce the best possible product – beginning in the brewery and distillery, and finishing at your table. Their hand-crafted brews are made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brewmaster Carl Wiersma.

The comfortable rustic brewery bar houses all those who are eager to sample or purchase the tasty brews. Outside is a beer garden complete with stage and sound system for live music and events, and a large stone fire pit. Customers can sip their favorite brew indoors or out, watch the game, or take a tour of the facility to learn more about the brewing process and the historic Coffman area. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club invites you to get to know this cozy craft brewery.

Big Bison Ale is an authentic Belgian Dubbel, a kin to the brew that originated in the monasteries during the Middle Ages. Lost for a while, the style was revived in the mid-1800’s. It is a rich, malty, full-bodied, very complex deep ruby beer. It’s malty sweet with notes of caramel, with dried fruit character. High alcohol emits a warming sensation and balances the malt sweetness. Serve at cellar temperatures, 54 to 57 degrees F. Enjoyed by red wine drinkers, it is not for the novice beer drinker.

The origin of IPAs is blurred, but Gunslinger Double India Pale Ale sets the standard today, having the most hops of any beer produced by Crown Valley. It starts with a rich, sweet malt base to which they add hops, hops and more hops of varying lineage. This brew will absolutely rule your senses. (For best taste, serve warm, 57 to 61 degrees F.)

Featured Beer from Crown Valley Brewery:
Big Bison Ale and Gunslinger Double IPA

BELGIAN STYLE DUBBEL ALE – Crown Valley’s Big Bison Ale: Top fermented and carefully brewed to remain authentic, this red-brown brew is aged for one month to complete the dark candi sugar sweetness and high alcohol. Some dubbel ales are carbonated, most have flavors of burn sugar, raisin and chocolate. Serve with smoked cheese, sushi or sausages.

DOUBLE INDIA PALE ALE – Crown Valley’s Gunslinger Double IPA: This top-fermented ale is a complex member of the antique beer family, smooth and well-balanced, and packed tightly with tons of hops. Pair with hearty Buffalo wings, salsa, Mexican and Thai cuisine, duck, fried seafood, and a carrot cake finale!

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