Diamond Bear Brewery, so named because Arkansas is our only state with a diamond mine, is Little Rock’s first production brewery opened in more than 15 years. (The “bear” part? Arkansas was once home to a large population of bears, and was once known as the bear state.)

A family-owned business, Diamond Bear’s primary owners Russ and Sue Melton had the vision to bring craft beer to Arkansas and they made it happen with the help of a small crew of dedicated and talented employees. Their styles of beer are produced in the old time-honored traditional methods of European brewers, using only two-row malted barley, hops, yeast and that great Arkansas water.

Medium bodied Paradise Porter has notes of roasted and chocolate malts, making it a perfect balance of sweet and bitter. Generous hops give it a dry finish.

Irish Red Ale, an Irish style bold, smooth, red ale, is brewed with a blend of malts for a rich, red, full body. Generous amounts of hops bring out the wonderful aromas. (Won Gold at the American Beer Fest; Bronze at the World Beer Cup; and Respect from your favorite Beer of the Month Club!)

Featured Beer from Diamond Bear Brewery:
Paradise Porter & Irish Red

PORTER: Diamond Bear’s Paradise Porter: England’s first national beer, Porter was named for the street-market porters who drank it for its nourishment. Dark and robust, top-fermented porters are excellent with fresh raw oysters, shellfish, Porterhouse steak, and chocolaty, creamy fruit desserts!

RED ALE: Diamond Bear’s Irish Red Ale: A blushing ale of distinctive color and malt flavors, it gets it red hues from the specialty malts. It’s top fermented, and is notably complex, balanced, and easy to drink. What to serve it with? Nothing’s better than a red ale and piping hot home-made vegetable soup!

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