Fire Island Brewery threw your favorite Beer of the Month Club a curve ball when they introduced themselves by saying they were from “the Other New York.” When pressed, they said they are proud to come from “the Other New York” where the people are laid-back and friendly; the surroundings are vibrant and colorful; and visitors there tap into the serenity the moment they step off the ferry onto Fire Island. This other New York is a state of mind that goes perfectly with great, flavorful, well-crafted beer. Fire Island Beer Company proudly makes the official craft beer of the Other New York.

It all started when two brothers and their cousin (who all love beer) ran The Shack in Atlantique Beach on Fire Island. It was a landmark in the Other New York, a laid-back place where anybody and everybody met to share a story and a few beers. Here they served their first home brew – whose taste was inspired by the easy-going vibe at The Shack and throughout the island.

The locals loved their flagship brew, Fire Island Lighthouse Ale. This American Amber has a clean, crisp taste with sweet flavors of caramel and toasted malt. Light and refreshing, it’s a copper-gold brew with a moderate head and vibrant but soft carbonation. Sweet notes of caramel and bready malts make this sturdy substantial ale easy to drink.

Smooth Fire Island Red Wagon IPA, pale bronze with burnt yellow along the edges, pours an off-white half-inch head. With big citrus and floral notes, it’s mild for an IPA. Caramel and brown sugar are there, balancing the hope aromas. Wonderfully spicy and peppery in aroma, it delivers tangy fruit and a powerful hop punch to the palate, finishing with a crisp taste. It’s named for the red wagons used by the islanders, as no cars are allowed on Fire Island!

Featured Beer from Fire Island Brewery:
Fire Island Lighthouse Ale and Red Wagon IPA

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