Flying Bison Brewery is a packaging brewery located in the city of Buffalo, and the first stand-alone brewery to operate in the city proper since Iroquois Brewery closed its doors in 1972. is proud to introduce you to this new supplier of fine craft beers.

An award-winning brewer with over 30 years experience, owner Tim Herzog made a strong commitment from the inception of this company as an idea to establish Flying Bison Brewery in Buffalo, and foster the return of what was once a flourishing industry. It is this commitment that has paved the way for the brewery to become what it is today. Please enjoy all Flying Bison beers responsibly.

Who wouldn’t want to tour a factory where BEER is made? We thought you would, so we want you to know that brewery tours are open to anyone visiting the Buffalo area. (Check their website for days and hours.) Their beers are available for sampling in 1-ounce sample cups at no charge, or in 3-ounce cups for a nominal fee. Since its first days, Flying Bison has continually worked to leave a demure carbon imprint on our planet by recycling, reusing, and sharing.

Rusty Chain Vienna Amber Ale is a medium-bodied Vienna style amber beer. It has a soft nutty malt flavor with a hint of caramel, and just enough German hops to balance the finish.

Buffalo IPA is a combination of two big classic IPA styles: English and American. English pale malts form the hefty base that supports the three different hops used to create the last impressions of long-lasting aromas, flavors and freshness.

Featured Beer from Flying Bison Brewery:
Rusty Chain Vienna Amber Ale and Buffalo IPA

(All ales, including these two from Flying Bison, are top-fermented brews.)

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