Myth and legend have it that two ranchers, George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre, and various friends and family, were camping high in the Himalayas back in 1983. They both swear that as they emerged from their tent one evening, they witnessed a strange airborne creature hurling towards their campsite. The creature, which was now looking increasingly like a flying dog, barrel-rolled through their camp, sending worried Americans, native sherpas and even their pack mule scurrying for cover.

They were untouched, but the two were forever changed. George and Richard took this as a sign they should do something big. So in 1990 they did, opening the Flying Dog Brewery first in Aspen, Colorado, then moving to their current location in Frederick, Maryland. The Flying Dog was (and still is) their inspiration, as they ship well over 400,000 cases a year across the United States, as they provide the finest in liquid entertainment. One of the cutting-edge technologies they utilize is that of water conservation, protecting Mother Nature who blessed them with the Flying Dog.

One member of the litter is Road Dog Porter (the first beer to be illustrated by Ralph Steadman) proudly brought to you by your Beer of the Month Club(Curious side note: A swarm of bats often hovers over the brewhouse when this beer is brewed!) Road Dog Porter is a dark, rich and malty brew, with hints of chocolate and licorice resulting from the use of four prized malts. This pup goes with anything chocolate!

Garde Dog Biere de Garde Ale proves the French may actually know something we don’t! Garde Dog is a traditional French Biere de Garde or “beer for keeping.” This classic farmhouse ale was brewed in March for drinking during the spring and summer months. With its toasted aroma and spicy, malty sweetness, Garde Dog will liberate you from the winter doldrums.

Featured Beer from Flying Dog Brewery: Road Dog Porter and Garde Dog Biere de Garde Ale

PORTER: Flying Dog Brewery’s Road Dog Porter – Porter, England’s first national beer, derived its name from its popularity with street porters who drank it for nourishment. Usually dark colored and robust, this toasty French-inspired one is a toasty way to escape winter. Top-fermented, it’s excellent with dark and rich foods, grilled Porterhouse and salmon, dried fruit snacks, as well as chocolate and creamy fruit desserts.

ALE: Flying Dog Brewery’s Garde Dog Biere de Garde Ale – A soft, easy drinking, top-fermented ale, it has a remarkably clean, crisp finish. This one, still expressive and complex, has the perfect personality to pair with lighter fare in the seafood/shellfish categories; middle Eastern and Indian cuisine; or salads and cheeses.

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