Your monthly beer club and Queen Anne know you can’t start a colony without good brews. That’s why (way back in 1703) she asked young Benjamin Fordham to start a brewery in the new port of Annapolis. Ben’s dedication to making quality brews was evident in every pint, and the colony flourished!
Almost 300 years later, Fordham Brewing was re-born in the heart of Annapolis in 1995. With the ever-increasing demand, this frothing Fordham giant was more than their small brewery could handle. In an effort to provide more people with their brews, their plucky staff grabbed their recipes and moved Fordham to its new castle in Dover, Delaware . . . a brand new stainless steel castle of opportunity!
Despite geographical changes, their brewery is happy and healthy in Dover. Fordham Brewing remains true to its roots, its recipes, and the heritage of Annapolis, with its Tavern Ale. This American Pale Ale’s hop profile is complemented with ample malt flavor. It’s cold conditioned with fresh whole leaf Cascade hops for a citrus-like aroma.

Featured Beer from Fordham Brewery: Tavern Ale

Fordham Brewery’s Tavern Ale – Ample malt flavor and hints of citrus go great with Thai cuisine, fried seafood, wings, burgers, English cheeses, bananas foster and pumpkin flan!

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