The D.L. Geary Brewing Company was incorporated in October, 1983 by David and Karen Geary who shared the vision of producing world-class products on a small scale for local and regional consumption. Back then, there were only 13 so-called microbreweries in the entire United States, with most of them in California and the Pacific Northwest. In the winter of 1984, David trained and did research in Scotland and England under the invaluable wing of Peter Maxwell Stuart, a Scottish nobleman and brewer, who guided David in all aspects of brewing and business. Back home, the size and design of the brewery was taking place. The first batch was brewed in the fall of 1986, and on December 10th of that year, the first pints of Geary’s Pale Ale were sold – New England’s first microbrewery had arrived.

Today, it’s recognized as a pioneer in America’s brewing renaissance and as a model of quality and excellence for the industry. Their product line has five full time products and three seasonals. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club presents:

Hampshire Special Ale. Once Maine’s legendary seasonal, it is now available year round. It has a huge toasted malt flavor balanced by assertive hoppiness. The finish is long and lingering with the malt and hop notes blending with alcohol warmth. Made with two-row English malts (pale, crystal and chocolate), and Cascade, Mt. Hood and East Kent Golding hops. IBU-48.

Geary’s Summer Ale. Available March through August, the style of this ale is similar to a German Kolsch: full-bodied with a spicy hop tang and a rich, crystal clear golden color. Made with two-row English malts (pale and caramalt) and Magnum, Sterling and Tettnang hops. IBU-36.

Featured Beer from Geary’s Brewery:
Hampshire Special Ale and Summer Ale (Kolsch Style)

SPECIAL ALE: Geary Brewery’s Hampshire Special Ale This top-fermented specialty brew is hoppy and wonderfully malty. And malty beers (with flavors of chocolate, caramel, graham cracker, toast, toffee, etc.) go perfectly with grilled, roasted and smoked foods because the flavors are similar.

SUMMER ALE: Geary Brewery’s Summer Ale Another top-fermented brew, Summer Ale, similar to a German Kolsch, is specially brewed to satisfy cold weather drinking cravings. It’s somewhat aggressive, assertively hopped, and deep ruby in color. The caramel nuances make it a natural with light foods from chicken and salads to lemon tarts.

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