Granite City Food and Brewery is a casual dining restaurant with an on-site brewery. Their initial restaurant commenced operations in St. Cloud, Minnesota in June, 1999. Their second, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, opened for business in December of 2000, followed by their third in November of 2001, in the cold north country of Fargo, North Dakota. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club reports GCFB now has 26 sites operating in 11 different states.

Their success has a lot to do with a broad menu of items prepared fresh daily, generous portions at reasonable prices. But their true magnetism centers around their unique hand-crafted beers. Offered at moderate prices, they run the gamut of unique styles and flavors – truly something for everybody!

Founders Wagenheim and Burdick have more than 52 years of combined hospitality industry experience. Mr. Wagenheim’s includes that of corporate executive, while Mr. Burdick, a talented brewing chemist, has more than 30 years of experience. They successfully launched their patented brew process, Fermentus Interruptus, making micro brewery for multiple locations more efficient, shipping sweet liquid wort from their central brewing facility to individual stores.

Brother Benedict’s Bock is a German style lager. This Bock carries a brownish color, medium body, mouth-watering smooth, wonderful malt flavor.

The copper color of Duke of Wellington’s India Pale Ale hints at its strong malt character – necessary to support its hoppy bitterness, which defines this classic beer.

Featured Beer from Granite City Brewery:
Brother Benedict’s Bock & Duke of Wellington IPA

BOCK – Granite City’s Brother Benedict’s Bock: Bottom fermented, this brew is lower in alcohol than the German Bocks, which are notably strong brews. It belongs with a meal of smoked Cornish hens, chicken dishes or turkey.

INDIA PALE ALE – Granite City’s Duke of Wellington IPA: A strong, bitter beer originally brewed in Britain for export to soldiers in India, made strong to survive the long boat trip. Lots of malt, and generous amounts of hops for strong hop flavor and aroma, enjoy this refreshing brew with seafood, spicy foods and all things grilled.

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