The Harlem Brewing Company story started more than 86 years ago. Legend has it that during Prohibition a special beer was being made, and during the early years of the Harlem Renaissance, this secret brew was the choice for many great musicians and artists. The beer was brewed using well-preserved African traditions handed down from generation to generation, brought to the US in the early 1600’s.

Recent history began in the spring of 1996 when Sugar Hill Beer invited musicians and common folk alike to swing to the brews at their A Taste of the Harlem Experience. Music and beer have had a lasting relationship, though Harlem Brewery has had several distribution, management and name changes, recipe tweakings, etc., and yet Sugar Hill Golden Ale still sings with flavor!

Sugar Hill Golden Ale has an unusually rich, smooth character, well-balanced taste and uncompromising artisanal quality. It’s a refreshing complement to any meal or special occasion. This medium bodied golden ale is known for its drinkability, with its subtle citrus accent and a finish of hops and malt flavor. The absolute finest beer Harlem Brewery brews.

Featured Beer from Harlem Brewery:
Sugar Hill Golden Ale

GOLDEN ALE – Harlem’s Sugar Hill Golden Ale – In a class all of its own, sometimes with lively carbonation, golden ales are near-champagnes! Serve with cheese and crackers, and toast your team’s victory!

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