Your favorite Beer of the Month Club knows that beer takes us on great adventures. It allows us to discover new flavors and exotic cultures. Heavy Seas’ quest for great beer can lead anywhere from corner pubs to far away breweries!

For Hugh Sisson, beer altered the trajectory of his life in 1980, as he was contemplating becoming a stage actor and director, including a move to New York after receiving his Master’s degree in theater. But his father convinced him to help out in the newly-opened family tavern called Sisson’s. Thinking it would be a short-term position, his father promptly handed over the keys and wished Hugh good luck at operating the tavern!

Originally, Sisson’s was a tavern, then was converted to a brewpub in 1989 – the very first in Maryland after the passing of the 1988 bill that legalized brewpubs in the state (legislation that both Hugh and his father were instrumental in lobbying for). Ultimately, Hugh realized he was more intrigued by making beer than in operating a brewpub, so he formed Clipper City Brewing in 1994. He expanded and evolved, and finally, in 2003, he created Heavy Seas, making it his main focus, while also co-hosting weekly radio shows, writing books and being an advocate for not only beer, but for wines and spirits as well. For years, Heavy Seas has supported people with disabilities.

What’s on tap? Small Craft Warning Uber Pils (part of the Pyrate Fleet) exemplifies a robust pilsner – crisp, well-carbonated, slightly sweet. It’s their most well-balanced beer.

Award-winning Heavy Seas Gold Ale, a part of the Clipper Fleet, is an easy-drinking session beer, tasty and refreshing.

Featured Beer from Heavy Seas Brewery:
Small Craft Warning Uber Pils & Gold Ale

PILSNER – Heavy Seas’ Small Craft Warning Uber Pils: The most imitated beer style, Pilsner was the first commercially made lager beer, known for its pale light golden color, clean taste, and full, round, malty flavor. This well-balanced bottom fermented beauty is a “meat and potatoes beer.” Serve with baked chicken or mild cheddar cheese.

GOLD ALE – Heavy Seas’ Gold Ale: In a class all of its own, with its lively carbonation, golden ales are nearly champagnes! Toast your team’s victory with this top-fermented beer. Serve with hot dogs, herbed poultry, cheese and crackers, or vegetables.

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