HUB CITY BREWERY – Stanley, Iowa

Set in the heart of the Midwest, the Hub City Brewing Company is located five miles east of the historic town of Oelwein, Iowa. Founded in 1872 on a plot of land nestled amongst the fields, the city served as a hub for three major branches of the Chicago Great Western Railway, earning it the nickname of “Hub City” during the heyday of the railroad.

What started out as an amusing Christmas gift quickly turned into a family venture for Brian and Gloria Knoke and their sons B.J. (who is integral on premises) and Greg (who contributes to the marketing and package design from his hometown of Hollywood, CA). With ancestors calling Oelwein home for several generations, the choice of a railroad theme was a natural. Their best beers pay homage to this historic Iowa town and the romantic era of the Iron Horse. The greatest challenge so far? Being able to fulfill requests of friends, family and strangers seeking a taste of their brew!

A friend, Todd Larson of Todd’s Specialized Rigging, helped the Knokes locate a 15-barrel operation for sale, which they bought, renovated and breathed new life into. They brew six different styles of craft beer at the present time, with seasonal brews and one more to be introduced at a later date.

We proudly present their Oatmeal Stout, which pours black with a nice, thick head that remains. Lightly carbonated, it has coffee and dark chocolate as the dominating flavors, with a sweet finale.

A tropical style IPA with a simplified malt bill, Paradise Ale is light in color, allowing the hops to shine. A variety of American hops give this brew its character of grapefruit, orange and mango. Let Hub City and ourBeer of the Month Club send you to Paradise!

Featured Beer from Hub City Brewing:
Oatmeal Stout and Paradise Ale

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