Boston’s North Shore was first introduced to Ipswich Ale early in 1991, meaning Ipswich Ale has been in existence longer than most other craft brewers in New England. Their Ale portfolio of brands has developed into a tradition shared by not only the residents of Eastern Massachusetts, but across the state and New England, as well. Clubs of America’s Beer of the Month Club is proud to introduce you to Ipswich. President Rob Martin has been behind the brand since 1995, starting as an employee of the original owners. He brewed, ran the bottling line, drove the delivery truck and did anything else he was called upon to do. He enjoyed juggling all of these responsibilities so much that he bought the business at the end of 1999.

What sets Ipswich Brewery’s ales apart is their brewing process. They produce styles that are totally unfiltered and unpasteurized. Through this natural brewing style, the resulting ale maintains a greater level of freshness, mouth feel and fullness of flavor.

What separates Ipswich Brewery from other breweries is their people. In the competitive environment of the beer business, hard work and perserverence are prerequisites. All of the employees of Ipswich share a great deal of pride in product, demonstrated both by the effort that goes into the brewing, as well as what it takes to bring it to market.

Named one of the World’s Ten Best Beers by Wine Spectator MagazineIpswich Original Ale has satisfied discerning craft beer drinkers since 1991. It’s medium-bodied with subtle hoppiness and a smooth malt flavor. You’ll like this unfiltered English pale ale.

Ipswich IPA was borne of the unfiltered marriage of an English and American IPA, strong but sweet. A mix of first-rate U.S. and Belgian malts, English roasted barley, and highly hopped with both Cascade and Warrior hops, this India Pale Ale is a brewery favorite. (Cloudy in the glass? That’s the proof it’s unfiltered!)

Featured Beer from Ipswich Ale Brewery: Ipswich Original Ale and Ipswich IPA

ENGLISH PALE ALE: Ipswich Ale Brewery’s Original Ale – Top-fermented, English ales are crafted in the old English style, with plenty of smooth malt and subtle hoppiness. This award winner is great when shared with good friends watching sports on the TV . . . complete with all the salty snacks and spicy appetizers.

INDIA PALE ALE: Ipswich Ale Brewery’s IPA – This hybrid is an unfiltered cross between an English and an American IPA, with a strong bitterness equaled with a slight malty sweetness. Hoppy, serve it at 13 degrees C / 55 degrees F with hearty main courses of red meats, Cheddar cheese or sharp salad dressing. (Goes well with nachos and wings, too.)

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