Many microbreweries that your Beer of the Month Club introduces you to each month owe their humble beginnings to a homebrew kit and a love of beer. Lake Placid Brewery is one such brewery. But for them, it was not just a love of drinking beer, but a real respect for the craft, the history, the art, and the industry, as well as a kinship to the process itself. Today, Lake Placid Pub and Brewery has been brewing ales for more than 14 years and has expanded rapidly due to its popularity and quality, earning the respect of the brewing community.

It began in 1996 when Christopher Ericson and a friend purchased P.J. O’Neill’s, a pub in Lake Placid. Primed with Chris’ prior brewing experience garnered in Maine and Vermont, the pub was renovated, and production began from their seven barrel brewery, quickly becoming a favorite spot for both locals and visitors to the area.

Demand increased and they had to expand. Chris and his wife, Catherine, moved to a 13,000 square foot brewery that had been vacated four years earlier, in Plattsburgh, NY. The new brewery was named Lake Placid Craft Brewing Company, and the awards started coming in, naming Lake Placid Brewery “Best Brewery in the Hudson Valley,” and “Best Brewery in New York State,” as well as individual brew awards, including:

A Gold at the World Beer Championship for Ubu Ale, their flagship ale. It’s deep red in color, with a smooth and hearty taste, and a nice warm feeling that follows. Named for the legendary chocolate lab who enjoyed his brews, it features a smooth, rich maltiness and perfect English Hops. After receiving some Ubu Ale as a gift from his wife, Hillary, it quickly became a favorite of former President Bill Clinton, and was served at a White House gathering!

Hazy gold Hefeweizen is light with a dry finish with a touch of spicy clove. Made with authentic German wheat, barley and yeast.

Featured Beer from Lake Placid Craft Brewery:
Ubu Ale and Hefeweizen

ALE – Ubu Ale from Lake Placid Craft Brewery – Top-fermented ales, with their fruity aromas and palate, usually also offer a complex flavor. Ubu Ale is a strong English Red version with medium to full mouthfeel and body. Pair with steaks, burgers, stews or any savory foods.

HEFEWEIZEN – Hefeweizen from Lake Placid Craft Brewery – Usually a seasonal, always a top-fermented pleasure, these Bavarian brews are all German, made with German wheat, barley and yeast. Apt food companions include spicy, Thai, TexMex, sea foods and salads.

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