The Lazy Magnolia Brewery is the brain-child of Mark and Leslie Henderson. The Mississippi-born couple met in college and both pursued a career in Engineering. Things took a quick right turn, though, when Leslie gave Mark a homebrew kit for Christmas. The gift became a gift for the both of them, as after Mark brewed his one and only batch, Leslie took over the brewing duties, leaving Mark to design new equipment, tools and gadgets to make her brewing process easier. With prodding from family and friends, they decided to go pro, getting the plan for their craft-brewing ideas approved by the State of Mississippi, moving the state in line with the rest of the nation in the craft beer revolution.

Leslie entered the American Brewers Guild Brewing School, followed with an apprenticeship at a well-known brewhouse, and developed her own recipes. Mark kept busy polishing their plan, performing market research, designing logos, securing financing and searching for the perfect location. From late 2004 to early 2005, things moved at warp speed, culminating in the first batch of beer brewed by Lazy Magnolia. Their brews went statewide. Today their strong belief in giving back has them supporting various charitable, arts and cultural organizations, as well as nurturing the environment through serious recycling practices. Your favorite Monthly Gift Club gives a thumbs up to Deep South Pale Ale, crisp and clean, with perfectly balanced hops and malts. It’s their own style of Pale Ale.

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale is the first ale made with whole roasted pecans, lending a nutty character and depth to the nutty, caramel, malty flavor profile. This dark mahogany brew won Bronze at the 2006 World Beer Cup.

Featured Beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewery:
Deep South Pale Ale and Southern Pecan Ale

PALE ALE – Lazy Magnolia Brewery’s Deep South Pale Ale: Served at cellar temperature, this is what you need to enjoy with hearty main courses of red or white meats, and salads adorned with sharp dressings. Usually hoppy in nature, pale ales are high in gravity – this is the classic beer style of Europe.

NUT BROWN ALE – Lazy Magnolia Brewery’s Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale: Believed to be the first beer in the world made with whole roasted pecans, which are used just like grain. Lightly hopped with malt and caramel nuances, this one-of-a-kind nutty brew is full of potential served as an aperitif or with lamb chops or salmon.

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