Belgrade, home to Madison River Brewing Company, is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Within an hour, one can be skiing or biking in the Bridger Mountains or Big Sky area, enjoying a hike in one of seven mountain ranges, or fishing world-class rivers. The latter is where the name of the Madison River Brewery originated. Madison River has earned the reputation as one of the best places to fly-fish in the world, so current Brewmaster/President Howard McMurry chose the Madison River as both a name and a theme, with most MRBC beers carrying the name of a fishing fly!

Beginning in 2004, Howard purchased the former brewery and equipment from Moab Brewing, and contract brewed for Moab, Park City and Big Hole breweries. A year later, Madison River Brewing emerged when it received a state license to brew its own brands. Today they have expanded both their product line and their distribution area, and your favorite Beer of the Month Club is sure glad they did, as it allows us to bring to you:

Salmon Fly Honey Rye, made unique due to the malted barley and the subtle spiciness of rye. Bittering and flavor hop additions help keep this brew extremely balanced. In addition, there’s a mild sweetness derived from pure local Montana honey that dulls any overwhelming rye or hop flavors. These ingredients blend to create a lighter bodied drinking experience for all kinds of beer drinkers.

Irresistible Amber Ale is an amber created with the use of choice hops and a unique blend of specialty malts to produce a rich and tasty brew. It is especially unique due to the original flavor influenced by biscuit and earthy characteristics.

Featured Beer from Madison River Brewery:
Salmon Fly Honey Rye and Irresistible Amber Ale

RYE Madison River Salmon Fly Honey Rye: Considered a specialty brew, ryes can be either ales or lagers, but are always brewed with at least 20% rye malt. Their appearance can range from straw and amber to dark amber and brown, depending on the ingredients. This one’s a light honey of a brew, made with pure local Montana honey. It provides a light-bodied drinking experience for all beer drinkers. Perfect with a pastrami and rye sandwich, or as a chaser to any North American rye whiskey.

AMBER ALE Madison River’s Irresistible Amber Ale: Heavier in mouthfeel than a pale ale, top fermented Amber Ales have more color than pale ales, but less than brown ales. Diverse, their malt levels vary from low to high with hop levels from balanced to aggressive. What to serve? Go for the best cuts of pork, bacon or ham.

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