With flashbacks of what it used to be before Prohibition robbed beer drinkers of their choices, the Mendocino Brewing Company (then called Hopland Brewery) came into being in August of 1983, the first brewpub in California. Starting out lean, it didn’t take them long to “go big,” as in December of that first year they introduced the “World’s Largest 6-Pack” – featuring 6 magnums of Red Tail that tipped the scales at a brutal 42 pounds.

By the 1990’s, expansion and growth were necessary to keep up with demand. In 1997, Dr. Vijay Mallya, a global entrepreneur intervened, believing that, given adequate capital, Mendocino Brewing could rest easy in a position of strength in the industry. A second brewery just 12 miles north of the original was opened, with backing from the good doctor and his UB Group. Soon distribution was nation-wide and the scope had changed, but the dream and passion remained intact.

Today it is internationally renowned as a brewer of full-flavored, traditional ales, a pioneer in the American Craft Brewing renaissance. Mendocino Brewery and your favorite Beer of the Month Club are pleased to introduce you to The Legend Collection:

Red Tail Ale is their flagship brand, brewed in the “Old World” way, using premium two row malted barley, hops and Mendocino’s special proprietary yeast strain. It’s an amber ale with rich complexity, refreshing flavor and a crisp, dry finish ‑ an integral part of fine dining.

Blue Heron Pale Ale is a delightful, medium-bodied smooth ale with a distinctive crisp mouth-feel and a fresh hoppy finish. It boasts premium two-row pale malted barley, both Cluster and Cascade hops, with that special yeast strain.

Featured Beer from Mendocino Brewery:
Red Tail Ale and Blue Heron Pale Ale

PALE ALE – Mendocino’s Blue Heron Pale Ale: This noteworthy PA is a mild, light-bodied brew with assertive hops and a crisp finish. Britain’s classic beer style, pale ale is by definition medium-bodied with a complex, medium-dry palate. Serve cool, not cold (about 55 degrees F) with veggie salads, roasted pineapple and cheeseburgers off the grill.

AMBER ALE – Mendocino’s Red Tail Amber Ale: Any ale darker than a pale and lighter than a brown is classified as an amber ale. Diverse in color, hoppiness and malt character, serve this American-style amber with chicken, fish, and grilled veggies.

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