Peak is a craft brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisan and organic ingredients. Back in the 90’s, Jon Cadoux combined his love for beer with an ethic for sustainability. Whenever possible, he used brew ingredients from local organic farmers. What a moment when Jon discovered he didn’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability, but that better ingredients actually made better beer! (Today, he’s proud to partner with Elm Hill Farm who supplies organic hops; Valley Malt Company who supply the organic grains and malting process; and other local purveyors who contribute to Peak.)

On brew days, he had no trouble finding good people to experiment and test the fruits of their labor. A kinship was forged with family and friends to share in his quest. Today many of those same people are a part of Peak, so named because of the moments shared while crafting and enjoying the beer were true “Peak Experiences.” Because they found themselves with beer in hand celebrating the end of a great day outdoors, adventurous travels, or a favorite meal with friends, they put Peak Experience photos on their packaging. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club and Peak Brewery invite you to make your own memories with Peak Brews! Send us a shot, and you could find yourself on a beer bottle! (See website below)

Organic Summer Session Ale, 100% organic, is a traditional summer wheat beer married to a West Coast pale ale. Locally grown wheat provides a complex mouthfeel, and Amarillo dry hopping gives it a citrusy aroma.

Organic Nut Brown Ale begins as a very smooth English Brown Ale. Chocolate, Munich and Hallertau hops give it a crisp, nutty finish. It’s a delectable dark beer loaded with complex flavors – and 100% organic.

Featured Beer from Peak Organic Brewery:
Organic Summer Session Ale and Organic Nut Brown Ale

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