Your favorite Monthly Beer Club welcomes you to Penn Brewery, where their craft beers, homemade fare, and historic setting tell the story of Pittsburgh’s European immigrant heritage.

Although the modern-day Penn Brewery was started in 1986, its roots actually lie far back in 1848, with the Eberhart and Ober families, Germans who settled in what is now Pittsburgh’s NorthSide. They opened three breweries on the site where Penn exists today, and three of the original E&O Brewery buildings remain, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They boast many unique architectural features, the most notable is a labyrinth of stone caves and tunnels which was constructed to chill, or “lager,” barrels of beer in the days before refrigeration.

E&O brewed beer here for decades, eventually merging with other breweries to become Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899. Through the years, several other changes in ownership and goals took place, with a short lapse in the brewery’s existence that fortunately was short-lived. Today they are happy to be back where they belong, producing award-winning craft beers and reopening the restaurant that was originally opened in 1994. They hold the distinction of being the first “tied house,” (restaurant tied to a brewery) in Pennsylvania since Prohibition.

Enjoy their seasonal springtime beer, Overlook IPA. It’s a clean, hoppy American-style IPA with a smooth mouthfeel. An attractive light copper color with prominent aroma and an ABV of 6%, it’s named for the Overlook Point atop Mt. Washington.

Penn Kaiser Pils is a German style Pilsner – crisp, clean, with pale gold color and good body. This Gold Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in 2008 has a pronounced Noble hop aroma.

Featured Beer from Pennsylvania Brewery:
Overlook IPA and Kaiser Pils

INDIA PALE ALE: Pennsylvania Brewery’s Overlook IPA – A strong, bitter beer originally brewed in Britain for export to soldiers in India, made strong to survive the long boat trip! Lots of malt and generous amounts of hops for strong hop flavor and aroma enjoy this refreshing brew with seafood, spicy foods, and all things grilled or “curried.”

PILSNER: Pennsylvania Brewery’s Kaiser Pils – This, the last of our top-fermented brews this month, is a German-style Pilsner with up-front Noble hop aromas. It’s your perfect match for lighter fare such as chicken, salmon, brats or salads. If you’re a cheese fan, reach for the mild white Vermont cheddar.

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