RJ Rockers Brewing Company became Spartanburg’s first brewery in 1997, when owner and brewer Mark Johnsen set out on a mission to provide the people of the Upstate with the best microbrewed beer they had ever tasted. Mark, a New Jersey native, had loved brewing beer for his friends and family for years. Following his service in the 1991 Gulf War, he was stationed in Germany. He took the opportunity to learn as much as possible about brewing from the experts. By the time he completed serving his country, he was ready to serve the public his brews!

Mark established RJ Rockers as a brewpub in historical downtown Morgan Square. Over the course of the next five years, it became a favorite meeting place where patrons could sample as many as ten different craft-brewed beers on any given day. Favorites ranged from the light and golden, to the dark and sweet, all brewed personally by Mark in the glass-enclosed brewhouse, before the eyes of the customers. Rockers patrons enjoyed the best beer around, excellent food and great entertainment. The establishment’s slogan is “Handcrafted: Every Beer, Every Drop, Every Time.”

Quality ingredients are key, and special care goes into the selection and utilization. Their new brewhouse features the best in equipment, including a new system that generates the majority of its hot water from the sun, not the electric company.

Patriot Pale Ale is an American pale ale that is aggressively hopped, with a sweet caramel finish. This is the flavor that launched RJ Rockers, and is brewer Mark Johnsen’s personal favorite.

Bell Ringer Ale is their high gravity offering, delightfully loaded with malt and hops. This ale is worthy of your sturdiest goblet or most treasured stein. Ring it!

Featured Beer from RJ Rockers Brewery: Bell Ringer Ale and Patriot Pale Ale

PALE ALE: RJ Rocker’s Patriot Pale Ale – This noteworthy PA is loaded with Challenger and Cascade hops, with a caramel-like finish. Britain’s classic beer style, pale ale is by definition, medium-bodied with a complex, medium-dry palate. Serve cool, not cold (about 55 degrees F) with veggie salads, roasted pineapple and cheeseburgers off the grill.

AMERICAN PALE ALE: RJ Rocker’s Bell Ringer Ale – Heftier than the ordinary American pale ale, this brew is a treasure trove of malt and hops, a meal in itself. Top fermented, it is oh-so-good with red or white meats, or salads topped with sharp dressings.

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