This is New Mexico’s first and largest brewery, distributing 5 year ‘round brews, as well as an array of seasonal beers. Your favorite Clubs of America Club is proud to pass on the information that Santa Fe Brewery uses only the finest hops available, direct from growers in Washington state. The exclusive use of specialty malts imported from the United Kingdom pushes this small but powerful brewery up yet another rung on the Quality Ladder. They know there’s no substitute for the best in ingredients or methods . . . and proudly proclaim they use no preservatives in their brewing process.

Their un-pasteurized ales are 100% naturally conditioned, with the beer going through a secondary fermentation in the bottle, creating carbonation and complexity not found in most American craft beers. The fine layer of yeast at the bottom of every bottle is your assurance of the quality and craftsmanship of these award-winners.

Environmentally friendly? Their delivery trucks run off vegetable oil; they collect their Co2 to grow algae for bio-fuel; and their packaging uses 100% recyclables!

Multiple-award winner (including Gold at the World Beer Cup), State Pen Porter is extremely flavorful, with notes of nuts and chocolate. Named for the nearby New Mexico State Penitentiary, this beer is so good, it’s bad!

Not to be outdone, Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale was named Southwest Regional Champion at the U.S. Beer Tasting Championship for its consistent smooth, mild, easy drinkability.

Featured beer from Santa Fe Brewery: State Pen Porter and Nut Brown Ale

PORTER – Santa Fe’s State Pen Porter – A meal in itself! These top-fermented ales were first brewed to fortify the muscled laborers, including porters. Some porters taste like chocolate coffee – perfect with a fine cigar, a bonfire and comfortable companions.

NUT BROWN ALE – Santa Fe’s Nut Brown Ale – All ales are top-fermented and are expressive and complex in flavor, with a pleasing nuttiness not found in lagers. A well-rounded ale version that can be served with chocolate desserts, beef dishes and mildly spiced fare, Santa Fe’s Nut Brown Ale is a true British “session ale,” to be shared with friends.

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