Established in 1998, Sebago Brewing Company offers a full line of year ‘round craft beers, five seasonal beers, and several highly-anticipated limited edition “Single Batch Series” beers offered throughout the year. All are brewed with all American malt, hops and crisp water from Maine’s Sebago Lake. This is a brewery that is proud to be known for its creative, high quality, unique beers that tempt and arouse the palates of New England’s beer lovers. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club is proud to serve as your connection to Sebago, and offers you a way to fall under Sebago’s spell.

Sebago is lucky to have retained the original brewmaster and owners since the company’s inception. With a shared history and institutional knowledge, their instincts and experience guide them to continually improve and attain new heights of brewing excellence.

Slick Nick Winter Ale is their most popular seasonal ale. The caramel and black malts they used to brew Slick Nick gives it the deep amber color. This insidious brew is best enjoyed during the freezing Winter months, so prepare to warm up with one of Maine’s best Winter offerings, slightly hoppy and balanced with malt and caramel sweetness.

The popular cliffs on Sebago Lake, Frye’s Leap, is where locals and tourists alike pull up in their boats to watch daredevils scale and jump from the cliff. Take a leap, yourself, with Frye’s Leap IPA, an intense experience. It’s a hoppy medium-bodied ale full of strong character and strong hop flavor and aroma. Caramel malts lend its golden color and distinct fruit hoppiness.

Featured Beer from Sebago Brewery:
Slick Nick Winter Ale and Frye’s Leap IPA

WINTER ALE: Sebago’s Slick Nick Winter Ale: A traditional cold-weather English old ale, it is usually a deep coppery brown color and delivers a dry toasty body and a blend of hops that rounds out a vibrant finish. Sebago’s version, with its medium carbonation, is great with rich sauces, BBQ, grilled meats, hearty sandwiches and holiday fare.

INDIA PALE ALE – Sebago’s Frye’s Leap IPA: A strong, bitter beer originally brewed in Britain for export to soldiers in India, made strong to survive the long boat trip. Lots of malt, and generous amounts of hops for strong hop flavor and aroma, enjoy this refreshing brew with seafood, spicy foods and all things grilled.

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