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Tied House Brewery is one of the first original brewpubs in America, named in honor of a system of tied and free houses that emerged during England’s Industrial Revolution. A free house was privately owned, selling any type of beer. A tied house was a pub owned by a brewery and allowed to sell only that brewery’s beer, which “tied” them to that brewery.

Tied House opened in 1988 in downtown Mountain View, CA, the headquarters of Google, but more importantly, the headquarters of Tied House, where the great Coastal Fog beers now are made. Over two decades after they poured their first pint, they continue to perfect their award winning beer. So far, just in 2010, they have acquired six awards, including a 1st Place Gold. Quite impressive, as this is their first year producing Coastal Fog, and the awards are spread among several brews!

If you visit, don’t miss the Clubhouse Wall at the Tied House. More than 155 regulars have a numbered mug that hangs there, among the treasured multiple brew awards they’ve earned. Paying a small annual fee for their own mug, members get a bit more beer for their money, and Tied House logo gear and special invitations to local events. But perhaps the best feature is that the other side of the wall is their brewery, and famous kitchen!

They have proudly served 5 presidents, astronauts, and the revelers of 22 World Series, and now you are about to be served!

Coastal Fog IPA is brewed with copious amounts of Pacific Northwest hops. It’s a classic IPA with a balanced and substantial malt backbone.

Coastal Fog Amber Ale is rich and malty, with a light, hoppy finish, boasting flavors of roasted caramel and fresh hops.

Featured Beer from Tied House Brewery: Coastal Fog IPA and Coastal Fog Amber Ale.

INDIA PALE ALE – Tied House’s Coastal Fog India Pale Ale – There is a long hoppy finish to this top fermented ale family of “beers of antiquity.” Medium bodied and heavily hopped with initial malt character, serve it at 13 degrees C / 55 degrees F with hearty main courses of red meats, Cheddar cheese or sharp salad dressing. (Goes well with nachos and wings, too!)

AMBER ALE – Tied House’s Coastal Fog Amber Ale – This honey-colored brew is full-flavored, boasting roasted caramel nuances and great body. It’s a top notch, top-fermented ale with perfect balance between hop flavor and malt character. It’s assertive, but not highly bitter. This Amber deserves to be paired with the best cuts of pork, bacon or ham.

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