Back in the mid-90’s, when 24-year old buddies Kirsten Neves (who wanted to be a lawyer) and Nik Stanclu, a scientist, seriously thought about their futures, they decided they’d rather be in business for themselves. But what would they be?

A home brewing kit, the mystique of Mount Washington and the serenity of the Tuckerman Ravine all came together – and there was their answer! Their goal was to open a brewery, naming it after the summer and fall hiking destination and most famously spring skiing mecca, Tuckerman Ravine. Brilliant!

With a solid business plan and the necessary financial support, they brewed the first batch of Tuckerman Pale Ale. Long story short, it was fantastic. The beer developed quite a following, and a legend was born.
The product line expanded and sales catapulted. They moved, improved, and are now known as “the little brewery that could.”

Check out Tuckerman’s cold bottle-conditioned American Style Pale Ale, their flagship beer from 1998. It’s brewed with specialty malts (some from Maine) and four types of hops. It’s uniquely special with delicate carbonation and superior flavor.

Featured Beer from Tuckerman Brewery:
Tuckerman Pale Ale

PALE ALE – Tuckerman’s Pale Ale – One more truly noteworthy ale, serve cool (not cold – about 55 degrees is perfect) with veggies salads and cheeseburgers off the grill.

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