The Tap Room is St. John Brewery’s island microbrewery, and if you are fortunate enough to visit the Islands, don’t pass up the chance to visit. Located in Cruz Bay on St. John, it is the only craft beer draft bar on St. John or St. Thomas, home to the largest selection of microbrewed beers in the Caribbean. (They also offer their own root and ginger beers, and Green Flash energy drink.)

So how did it all get started? Two college buddies (one a NASA scientist, the other a physical therapist) quit their jobs, seeking the island life on St. John. Their first few weeks were spent bussing tables and calling an old boat with no electricity “home.” They graduated to being bartenders, and rented a tiny apartment. Then boredom set in – not with island life, but with island beer. Using Internet pointers and a $50 beer-making kit, they experimented with a mango pale ale and other brews, still keeping their bartending jobs.

BY 2004, their brews were being noticed, and they knew they were filling a void. The increased demand meant they needed to expand, needing a way to bottle and distribute the beer. (Early brews were housed in hand-sterilized glass water bottles; distribution was via a temperamental old Toyota.) Piece by piece, it all fell into place, and today they make killer brews, while maintaining the joy of island life and all it has to offer.

Island Summer Ale is an easy drinker, with a soft wheat body and a clean, crisp finish. It’s brewed with 2 Row British Pale Malted Wheat and Hallertau hops.

Liquid Sunshine presents refreshing flavors with notes of coriander and orange. You’ll like the smooth wheat mouthfeel.

Featured Beer from Virgin Islands St. John Brewers: Island Summer Ale and Liquid Sunshine Belgian Style Ale

ALE – St. Johns Brewer’s Island Summer Ale – A soft, easy drinking, top-fermented ale that has a remarkably clean, crisp finish. This one, still expressive and complex, has the perfect personality to pair with tropical foods, grilled chicken and seafood.

BELGIAN PALE ALE – St. Johns Brewer’s Belgian Pale Ale – Belgian-style ales don’t fit neatly into any classic styles, but are in a top-fermented class of their own. They are brewed with herbs and spices, with light to medium body and a wide range of hop and malt levels. Excellent with salads, steamed mussels and light seafoods.

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