Offering local beer to Mississippians since September of 2003, Lazy Magnolia is the state’s oldest brewery, the first one since Prohibition was enacted in 1907. It is dedicated to providing the best products through tireless effort, superior motivation, and their Southern heritage. It offers refreshing brews made in true Southern style, holding to the traditions of the South and remaining true to Southern tastes, making your favorite Beer of the Month Club proud.

Mark and Leslie Henderson, both born in Mississippi, met in college as they both pursued careers in Engineering. When Leslie gifted Mark with a homebrew kit, Mark felt she didn’t really buy it for him. He brewed just one batch, and she took over the brewing operation, leaving Mark to design equipment, tools, and gadgets. As the hobby began to consume all their space, free time and waking moments, they were encouraged by family and friends to go pro, some even offered financial backing.

They explored dozens of variations of their recipes, researching the legalities of becoming a brewery and the potential market. Ol’ Miss was primed to join the craft beer revolution. Leslie attended the American Brewers Guild Brewing School, followed by an apprenticeship. Mark developed a business plan, did market research, designed logos, secured financing, etc. As of June 2006, Lazy Magnolia was distributing throughout the state.

Jefferson Stout, an original Sweet Potato Cream Stout brewed with healthy sweet potatoes and lactose (milk sugar), is a recipe developed from an idea from a good friend, Chef Steve D’Angelo. With potatoes in the background, the added notes of roasted chocolate, coffee and caramel make this one unusually good.

Deep South Pale Ale is crisp and clean, with the perfect balance of hops and malt. An all-season brew, it’s in a category of its own!

Featured Beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewery:
Jefferson Stout and Deep South Pale Ale

STOUT – Lazy Magnolia’s Jefferson Stout: Stouts are rich, very dark, full-bodied, top-fermented ales, highly hopped and dry, and usually rich and creamy. Made with sweet potatoes, this one’s perfect with oysters and rich desserts.

PALE ALE – Lazy Magnolia Brewery’s Deep South Pale Ale: Served at cellar temperature this is what you need to enjoy with hearty main courses of red or white meats, and salads adorned with sharp dressings. Usually hoppy in nature, top-fermented pale ales are high in gravity – Europe’s classic beer style.

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