A dream and a couple too many beers set the groundwork for Lucky Bucket Brewing Company. They pondered the unique flavor that comes from barrel-aged beers and experimented to perfect the process, and their passion grew with each barrel. Sometimes they’d nail it, and sometimes it was laughable. But along the way, they brewed a lager they just couldn’t stop drinking! With a grin on their faces and a mug in hand, they knew this was to be their first release, Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager, their handcrafted, multiple-award-winning session beer.

The first pint was poured in January of 2009 at a small pub in Omaha, Nebraska. The response was great, making months worth of starts, stops and new ideas worthwhile. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club is grateful they kept at it, not only perfecting their flagship brew, but adding more great brews to their roster, including their Lucky Bucket IPA!

India Pale Ale is about balance. The right balance of malt, hop flavor, bitterness and aroma to create an unforgettable ale. Lucky Bucket’s Original American IPA begins with a nice malt bill that lets the brew stand up to the mountain of hops added later. After extended manipulation, firing, the additions and extractions of the aromatic oils and flavors of the hops, the brew is dry hopped in the fermenter. The end result is a big, well-balanced IPA with terrific hop flavor and aroma.

Pre-Prohibition Lager is a brew you can drink repeatedly, and enjoy every sip, every time. True to its name, it salutes a time when lagers had greater character and more distinct flavor. Double-filtered, it has light malt flavor, easy on the palate.

Featured Beer from Lucky Bucket Brewery:
Original American IPA and Pre-Prohibition Lager

INDIA PALE ALE – Lucky Bucket’s Original American IPA – This is the favorite member of the ale family. Top fermenting makes this IPA big and well-balanced, while gratuitous amounts of Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade hops make it memorable. Serve this WBC Silver winner at 55 degrees with hearty red meat, grilled seafood and roasted chicken.

LAGER – Lucky Bucket’s Pre-Prohibition Lager – Bottom-fermented, lagers are aged for several months at very cold temperatures, giving them a smooth, refined taste. One of the most awarded brews out there, serve very cold with salads, fruit or desserts.

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