Michigan Brewing Company was founded in 1995 by Bobby Mason in Webberville, where it is still located today. With the usual small budget of a craft brewer, Bobby installed the brewery in a family-owned garage/maintenance building, located adjacent to an expressway service station. Customers drove through the service station to visit the small pub at the brewery. The Pub (known as The Taproom) was added to the brewery in that first year.

Originally opening with four beers, within two years, the beer list was expanded to twelve taps. Part of their success is due to the superb well water they use in all their products, compliments of the Saginaw Aquifer. Another unique aspect is the exclusive use of locally grown grains in every one of their beers. Years later ,Michigan Brewery continues its steady growth, producing its own beer brands and the Celis brands, too. Production of the two brands quickly outgrew the small maintenance building, and the brewery moved to a new 76,000 square foot facility just 300 feet east of the original brewery.

Numerous beer awards have graced Michigan Brewery, and you’ll experience why when you try the selections this month from one of Michigan’s very finest, and your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

Peninsula Porter is fashioned after the original Porters of nineteenth century London, when two or three beers were mixed. Today, Peninsula Brewery creates that effect with the use of high roasted malts that provide dark, cloudy, hoppy brews. Michigan blends black and chocolate malts, balanced with lighter hops for a distinct brew.

Michigan Nut Brown Ale follows the traditions of one of the oldest English styles from the 16th century. Its blend of malts provides a caramel/nut flavor and a deep copper brown color. Medium bodied, it provides plenty of rich nutty and toasted malt flavors.

Featured Beer from Michigan Brewery: Michigan Brewery’s Nut Brown Ale and Peninsula Porter

PORTER – Michigan Brewery’s Peninsula Porter – England’s first national beer, porter was named for the street-market porters who drank it for its nourishment. Dark and robust, top-fermented porters are excellent with fresh raw oysters, shellfish, Porterhouse steak, and chocolaty, creamy fruit desserts.

NUT BROWN ALE – Michigan Brewery’s Nut Brown Ale – All top-fermented ales are expressive and complex in flavor, with a pleasing fruitiness not found in lagers. A well-rounded ale version that can be served as an aperitif, or with lamb chops or salmon, Michigan’s Nut Brown Ale is medium, mild and smooth, a true “session ale” to be shared with friends.

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