The original Sea Dog Brewing Company was founded in 1993 in historic shipbuilding Camden. The 240-seat brewpub and brewery overlooked the scenic waterfall of the old Knox Woolen Mill. A second 540-seat facility opened two years later on the banks of the Penobscot River, in downtown Bangor. Why “Sea Dog?” Barney, a Great Pyrenees who loved the water, was the brewery’s apprentice brewmaster and figurehead. Gone for years, his spirit still posts guard over the brewkettles as they boil.

Purchased in 2002 by Alan Pugsley and Fred Forsley, today their crews continue the tradition of serving great food, and brewing a full line of award-winning handcrafted ales that capture the spirit of Maine’s sea-faring history. Sea Dog operates three brewpubs in Maine – in Topsham, Bangor and South Portland. Traveling in Massachusetts? Visit their sister pubs in Hull, Northborough and Woburn. Florida in your future? Sea Dog Brewery and your favorite Beer of the Month Club are tickled to tell you that two new pubs are opening there later this year. All serve a full menu of handcrafted ales and creative pub fare with flair. Authenticity is all-important, and they brew in the traditional English style, using only the highest quality ingredients for distinctive, refreshing taste and always crisp finish.

Deep garnet Hazelnut Porter is one of a kind, a distinctive, full-bodied beer with roasted nuttiness uniquely enhanced by a hint of hazelnut. Smooth and creamy with a hoppy nose, this award-winning porter is a beer style unto itself.

India Pale Ale is a single-hopped light copper ale that is wonderfully balanced and deceptively smooth. Complex aromas predominate in this dry, crisp ale that’s been winning awards for decades.

Featured Beer from Sea Dog Brewery:
Hazelnut Porter & India Pale Ale

PORTER – Sea Dog’s Hazelnut Porter: England’s first national beer, porters drank it for its nourishment. Dark and robust, top fermented porters are excellent with sweet potato fries, stuffed mushrooms, fresh raw oysters, shellfish and Porterhouse steak. This one, tinged with hazelnut, is the perfect polish for cheesecake.

INDIA PALE ALE – Sea Dog’s IPA: This top-fermented ale is a complex member of the antique beer family, smooth and well-balanced. Pair with hearty Buffalo wings, salsa, Mexican and Thai cuisine, duck, fried seafood, and a carrot cake finale!

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