WOODSTOCK INN BREWERY, North Woodstock, New Hampshire

Meticulously handcrafted right there at Woodstock Inn Brewery, their craft beers include gusto from New Hampshire’s White Mountain brewery. The ales are made from only the highest quality ingredients. Their traditional seven-barrel system employs premium hops from around the world, blended with imported English grains, brewed with pure deep-well water to produce a superior selection of seasonal ales.

In the heart of the majestic White Mountains, the Woodstock Inn is one of the state’s most visited country inns. A century ago this was the home of the Clement family. As the estate changed hands through the years, portions of it took on new personalities: the train station became a part of the main building; the original freight room became the bar; and the waiting room is now the lower dining room. Nearby private estates became additional guest housing for legions of tourists who want to enjoy the natural wonders of this unique area.

An important part of the inn’s character, the brewery consistently offers a premium selection of freshly brewed ales. The cozy brewpub allows guests there to socialize over a pint as they watch the brewers hard at work perfecting their handcrafted ales. Our Beer of the Month Club is proud to offer you two of their eleven brews.

Pemi Pale Ale has claimed the title of the Best Pale Ale in the Northeast, and placed second over-all in the entire country at the United States Beer Tasting Championships. It’s a refreshing pale ale, amber in color with great spontaneity.

Red Rack Ale is another amber-in-the-glass brew with slight caramel sweetness. This brew is malty up front, with a nice hop/malt balance.

Featured Beer from Woodstock Inn Brewery: Pemi Pale Ale and Red Rack Ale

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