• Breweries were once operated hand-in-hand with bakeries, run by a single proprietor who was both master brewer AND master baker. (And oftentimes, this person was a woman!)
• On the average, more than 300 micro brews are consumed per year, per American consumer, and that number is steadily rising. (This count, obviously, does NOT include many members of your favorite Beer of the Month Club!)
• Beer-dos were the result of the once popular practice of rinsing the hair with beer in an attempt to get extra body. (Speaking of beer-dos, the word “weirdos” comes to mind . . . what a waste of good beer!)

• Did anybody ever tell you to mind your P’s and Q’s? That phrase originated from old English pubs, where ale was traditionally sold in either Pint or Quart tankards. It was up to the barmaids to keep track of how many of which size tankards she served to each customer.
• Many breweries are heavy into recycling. Not only do they recycle the glass bottles and aluminum cans, but after the grain is converted to the sweet wort, it is either given or sold to local livestock farmers who use it as feed for their cattle. (Some very lucky bovines, I’d say!)
• Drinking beer is healthier than drinking soft drinks because of the carbohydrates and Vitamin B content. Beer is a whole grain, totally natural product without any artificial additives.
• Our Canadian neighbors know that beer is part of a normal lifestyle. After water, coffee and milk, beer is Canada’s favorite beverage. Smart folks — eh?

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