Depending on where you are in the country, it can be difficult to find your favorite fruit. Items such as grapes and strawberries aren’t widely available in the northern latitudes, and items such as coconuts aren’t typically grown in anything other than tropical climates. If you’re looking for regional or seasonal fruit, how can you track it down?

Talk to Your Local Grocer

Large grocery stores have access to a variety of suppliers who are able to find and buy fruits that are only available during certain seasons. For example, oranges and grapefruits are typically grown only in the south or in countries closer to the equator. However, a local grocer should be able to find a supplier that will deliver whatever you need. The only caveat is that it costs more. You may pay more due to the scarcity of the item as well as the additional cost required to ship the produce hundreds or thousands of miles.

Talk to Local Farmers

Although a local farmer may not grow crops such as avocados on their own farm, the farmer may have friends or partners that do. Talking to a local farmer will many times put you only a short drive from the fruits you want.

Go Online

The local video game store is not the only retailer that uses the Internet to connect to customers throughout the world. Using the Internet, you can find many local farmers and merchants. Your area may even have dedicated forums for health food enthusiasts and suppliers. Since you are going directly to the merchant, you may be able to get those bananas and oranges without paying as much for shipping.

Take a Trip to the Farmers Market

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Merchants at a local farmers market may get their hands on seasonal produce and sell it to those who are looking for a niche product. This may be the place where you can find squash in July or reasonably priced oranges during the middle of December. Most cities and towns host such a market each weekend throughout the year as long as the weather is good.

The local grocery might not have your favorite fruit on the shelves, but don’t worry. The other options usually provide tastier fruits anyway. As long as you are willing to wait a few days for your favorite fruits and pay a little more to get them, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy strawberries or grapes whenever you want.

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