The Florida Beer Company, based out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, is the Sunshine State’s Number 1 craft brewery. They have been brewing delicious beer since 1997, and you may recognize some of their most sought-after brands, including: Key West Sunset Ale, Key West Southernmost Wheat, Swamp Ape IPA, Florida Lager, Kelly’s Hard Cider and their new IPA Devil’s Triangle — one selection this month from your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

A proud supporter of Florida Agriculture, they use only the finest ingredients from the local area in their beer. Join them as they make incredible, handcrafted brews for the enjoyment of masses.

Some background info: Originally founded as Indian River Brewing Company by Bruce Holt and Jack Owen, the brewery eventually was bought by Humberto Perez, a third generation brewer. His grandfather began one of Venezuela’s largest breweries in 1929. Humberto has succeeded in providing great beer to his local community, and now to beer lovers in other areas of our great country.

The Florida Beer Company recently moved from their former location in Melbourne, Florida, which is mid-way down the state’s Atlantic coast. The brewery now resides in a new 60,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Cape Canaveral, which includes over 5 acres of land. They are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of their beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. Tasting Room soon.

Dark Gaspar’s Porter is medium-bodied with amazingly balanced aroma and flavor. It’s heavy on the hop content, including specialty chocolate hops. Dry-roasted malt character with subtle hints of cocoa, licorice and toffee ends with a perfectly spicy malt finish.

Lost in a sea of hops? With Devil’s Triangle IPA you’ll find three malts and a generous array of various hops. This American IPA has floral hop aroma, medium maltiness, and crisp, bold bitterness.

PORTER — Florida Brewery’s Gaspars Porter — England’s first national beer, Porter was named for the street-market porters who drank it for nourishment. Darkly robust, top-fermented porters pair well with fresh raw oysters, Porterhouse steak, smoked meats and cheese, with desserts of chocolate, fruit or oatmeal raisin cookies! INDIA

PALE ALE — Florida Brewery’s Devils Triangle IPA — Perfect balance between hop bitterness and malt character, note the citrus kick. This American-style IPA is brewed with 3 malts and 4 hops for an ultra-crisp dry finish. Goes well with nachos or wings, pungent cheese, Italian, Asian and Mexican dishes that offer some heat and spice.

Featured Beer from Florida Brewery:
Gaspars Porter & Devils Triangle IPA

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