Featured Beer from Foolproof Brewery: Backyahd IPA & Raincloud Robust Porter

At Foolproof Brewery, they think about beer a little differently — beer is not just an alcoholic beverage, but an experience that should be thoroughly savored and enjoyed — and your favorite Beer of the Month Club couldn’t agree more! They brew beer to fit the beer drinking experience. That’s how they came up with the concept of “experienced-based brewing.” Each beer serves as a tribute to a sacred beer-drinking experience . . . anything from a ball game at home, to catching up with friends at the local pub. Remember, It’s Your Life, Your Beer!

Founder and President Nick Garrison started out as a home brewer, even brewing the beer to celebrate his own wedding. After just a few months he realized that what started as a hobby had quickly spiraled into an obsession. Determined to turn his dream of owning his own brewery into a reality, Nick set out to put together a plan and a team. Four years later, Foolproof was born.

Today Nick’s right-hand men include Steve Sharp, head brewer; Stefano DeAngelis, brewer and sales manager; Bill Dillon, packaging manager, and Damase Olsson, a retired head brewer for another brewery who acts as Foolproof’s honorary Brewmaster Emeritus. All bring their own special strengths (including Steve’s legendary keg tossing), which, collectively, make Foolproof’s brews foolproof!

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