In 1995, the roof of the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD was removed, replaced by a brewhouse, handcrafting fine ales and lagers under the name of Fordham Brewing. (Named in honor of Benjamin Fordham, who was given a charter in 1703 by Queen Anne to establish a brewery in the port city). Soon the new brewery rekindled the city’s old tradition into a passionate following among locals for its artisanal beers. As Fordham’s reputation spread throughout the Chesapeake region, the brewery made the decision to relocate to Dover, Delaware in 2003, where they had room to expand.

In what has become known as the Craft Beer Revolution, the year 1989 stands out as a landmark moment when the Old Dominion Brewing Co. established a brewpub in Ashburn, VA, quickly becoming a production brewery that was named one of the Top 50 Breweries in the U.S. They helped many discovered the joy and wonder of craft beer, inspiring many of the company’s brewers to start successful breweries of their own.

With shared values and brewing philosophies, Fordham & Dominion joined forces in 2007, consolidating operations in 2009. Delaware is now home to the Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co., where beer lovers come to enjoy F&D’s quality craft beer and sodas.

Oak Barrel Annie’s Oak Barrel Stout raises the bar for American Sweet Stouts. Her method of infusing vanilla beans and oak chips during conditioning results in an unparalleled, smooth, roasty stout that your favorite Beer of the Month Club is proud to bring you. Dubbed “Best Beer in Delaware” by DE News Journal.

Her passion for medicine incurable, her appetite for hops unmatched, Hannah’s found her calling. Post-mash citrus and floral notes salute her Hop Lips IPA, made with three malts, and three hop varieties.

Featured Beer from Fordham & Dominion: Oak Barrel Stout & Hop Lips IPA

STOUT — Fordham & Dominion’s Oak Barrel Stout — Porter’s first cousin, most Stouts have a roasted coffee-like flavor not found in Porters. (It’s recommended by doctors for nursing mothers — really!) With its subtle smoked sweetness, it’s a ringer for pairing with oysters, clams, Brie cheeses and chocolate. (Yes, it’s top fermented.)

INDIA PALE ALE — Fordham & Dominion’s Hop Lips IPA —  There is a long snappy finish to this top fermented ale family of “beers of yesteryear.” Full bodied and dry hopped, serve it at 55°F with hearty main courses of red meats, Cheddar cheese or sharp salad dressing; Pan Asian cuisine and poultry. (Goes well with nachos and wings.)

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