Country: Germany  Region: Mosel (formerly Mosel-Saar-Ruwer)  Grape: Riesling

The Mosel wine region lies along the peaceful banks of the Mosel and enjoys the most intriguing and picturesque landscape in all of Germany’s wine country. The River stretches from its spring in the French Vosges along the Luxemburg border for 320 miles before emptying into the Rhine. Mosel is considered Germany’s oldest wine growing region, dating back to Roman times. It is also the world’s steepest growing region, with over 50% of the vineyards at inclines of over 30°. For centuries, cultivation and harvest have remained problematic. Mechanization cannot be applied to Mosel’s steep slopes, so most of the work of pruning, weeding and harvesting is still done by hand.

This straw yellow 100% Riesling nectar has green tints in the glass and offers the best of Germany’s best known white varietal. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks allows this wine to offer you the maximum in purity and aromatic freshness. Subtle aromas of citrus combine with light stone fruit with a mineral hint. It is a well-balanced wine, with refreshing fruitiness and slight apricot/lemon sorbet taste on the finish. Offer it tonight, chilled, as an aperitif, or with cold soups, salads, soft shell crabs, lake perch, or Asian cuisine.

Fritz the Katz Riesling: RIESLING GRAPES — A classic German variety. Because of the steep, mountainous terrain in some regions in Germany, it is a back-breaking fruit to grow and tend. It does however, if properly handled, produce a wine of tremendous fruit-acidity ratio placing it in a class of its own. It is light in body with low alcohol, yet has intense flavor. Aged, the finest Rieslings develop a zesty, vivid bouquet. It produces some of our most scintillating intensely sweet wines.

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