As one of the greatest sources of good times in all of history, it’s no surprise that beer is also the inspiration for some of the best commercials on television. While there are literally thousands of gut-busting beer ads to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the top 16 contenders – enjoy this list of some of the great, funny and amazing beer commercials in existence!
Any thoughts on a funny beer of the month club commercials we could produce?

1 – The Walk-In Fridge

Originally schemed for their Dutch market, Heineken eventually aired this very funny ad in the U.S. with great success. Above all, it’s a comical commentary on the battle of the sexes and the blaring differences between our priorities.

2 – Beaver, Attack!

Brought to you by Molson and their I. Am. Canadian. campaign, this is a pretty funny example of what can go wrong when you choose to heckle a beer drinking Canadian and their ferocious Beaver friend. Beaver, attack!

3 – Do You Smell BBQ?

Of course, you can’t create any kind of “funny list” without the inclusion of at least one fart joke in the mix. Well, leave it to Bud Light to bring us a funny beer commercial and a classic fart joke, all in one. Well done.

4 – Creepy Foot Doctor

Red Stripe doesn’t do a lot of advertisting, however, this commercial suggests that they’re about quality over quantity. Definitely the most creepy commercial of the bunch, we can all agree with the punch line: Booo creepy foot doctor, hooray beer!

5 – Arm Wrestling

Once again, a clever play on the battle of the sexes. Like two beasts facing off in nature, these two foes puff their chests and shape-shift into bigger badder things in an attempt to claim the last bear – that is, until the danty female ultimately prevails.

6 – Clothing Drive

A very clever commercial that promotes Bud Light and a good cause, the Bud Light Clothing Drive commercial just keeps getting funnier as it goes and shows how awkward it can be when you’re the only non-drinker in the room.

7 – Whassup?

Let’s get started off on the right foot. Originally aired during a Monday Night Football game in late 1999, the Whassup? campaign for Budweiser was so wildly successful that it quickly became a pop-culture catch phrase. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Whassup?

8 – The Swear Jar

We’re not sure if this cunningly crude commercial ever actually made it onto the airwaves but it’s definitely worth a mention on this list – another comically edgy commercial by the folks at Bud Light.

9 – Bluetooth Blunder

Reason 7,001 why Bluetooth headsets shouldn’t be worn in public, this Keystone Light commercial hits close to home. Of course, it may not be to the awkward extent of this ad but who can’t relate to this very unsmooth moment?

10 – Play Ball

Right next to fart jokes on the recipe for Easy Humor is the all-too-classic and ever-painful groin shot. Well, this would-be Super Bowl ad for Rolling Rock features so many groin shots that it was banned from ever being aired!

11 – Skinny Dipping

Truth be told, this rarely seen Bud Light commercial was eventually banned from television but, considering the peep show provided to some of the cast of characters, maybe they’d seen enough for us all. Talk about awkward!

12 – Real Men of Genius

As the clear leader in beer-based comedy, it’s physically impossible to pick the funniest Bud Light commercial, however, the Real Men of Genius campaign is pretty tops. While we’ll feature a few more Bud Light commercials from across the years, feel free to learn a thing or two from these Real Men of Genius.

13 – Miller Light Aluminum Pint

Another commercial leveraging the battle of the sexes, this Miller Light commercial, in promotion of their new aluminum pint bottle, empathizes with men everywhere as it places them in a most familiar jam – the moment when a woman asks you a question and you need to choose your words very carefully. Ditto!

14 – Voodoo Beer

Brought to you by a Brazilian beer company, Brahma, this very funny beer commercial has the female character and her voodoo doll winning the battle until the male finishes the war, once and for all.

Once again, it is physically impossible to take such a wide field and narrow it down into such small list but we hope you enjoyed our attempt to highlight at least some of the best beer commercials of all time.

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