Money aside, is green your favorite color? You’ll have to be more specific for anybody who knows their greens, as there is a minimum of 73 different shades of green.

Various metal ions have been used to modify pigmentation of the original green to create the scores of hues used commercially to turn everything from foods and paint, to toothpaste and cosmetics shades of green. It must have required major creativity to come up with names for each hue, as it takes imagination to figure out what each actually looks like. What does your mind’s eye see with the mention of these hues?

Some were titled after occupations, like Army green, office, and British Racing. Could be some were fashioned after vacation destinations – internationally there is Paris, Caribbean or India to choose from; Dartmouth, Sacramento or Lincoln are options within the confines of our country. (Do you think the international green hues would be more exotic?)

Many are named after edible gifts from Mother Nature, including honeydew, asparagus, olive, pear, sap and lime. More denote natural wonders like Spring, forest, fern, moss, and jungle.

Could acid and drab have been named in honor of someone’s Mother-in-law? Do you agree some shades could be gender-specific? Jade and emerald were likely named by females; rifle and electric probably by men.

Your favorite Pizza of the Month Club is giving you a little green via our non-gender-specific Mr. Green, our outstanding pepper/spinach/broccoli selection.


Green plants appear green because they contain chlorophyll. This pigment absorbs specific wavelengths of light that are visible to the human eye. The spectrum of these wavelengths runs the gamut from red (with very long wavelengths) to blue (one of the shortest). Green is not absorbed, but reflected instead, making it within our range of vision. So there you have the scientific explanation why green plants appear green.

#1 – MR. GREEN GOURMET PIZZA Heavy with fresh sliced green peppers, spinach and broccoli, we threw on a covering of mozzarella and our Basil Garlic Oil Sauce (made with olive and corn oils, basil, garlic salt and powder, cayenne and spicy Romano cheese) to bring you a great green treat!

#2 – HAWAIIAN GOURMET PIZZA  So what have we paired with our spicy/sweet BBQ sauce (savory with Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, lemon, molasses, Tobasco, onions and spices)?. Canadian bacon, pineapple and mozzarella! BBQ never had it so good — and neither have we!

#3 – MEATY TRIO GOURMET PIZZA Sliced pork pepperoni, spiced pork sausage, bacon and mozzarella are snuggled by the Gourmet Pizza Club’s signature tomato sauce. (It’s everybody’s favorite for good reason!).

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