While you’re serving up an easy meal of our new Greens Gourmet Pizza, you can confound and amaze the kids with your vast knowledge of spinach. Stack the deck in your favor — whoever guesses wrong has to clean up after dinner.

Challenge the kids to guess what botanical family spinach belongs to . . . but offer to make it easy for them by making it multiple choice. Their options could be #1) the Raphanus sativus; #2) the Pistacia vera; or #3) the Goosefoot family. I’m wagering they will NOT choose #3, even though that IS the correct answer.

But I bet they WILL know that spinach is a healthy food choice. It’s a valuable source of Vitamins A, B, C and K, Protein, Carbs, Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium. It is mostly known as being virtually fat free, and ample in iron content.

What’s the green in our Taco Mex Gourmet Pizza? That would be both the green peppers and the light Jalapeños! Green peppers are not only excellent on pizza, but are ideal for stuffing with meat, rice and other veggies. And the Jalapeños add just the right amount of heat to any dish.

Our Fruity Ham Gourmet Pizza gets its green from demure green apple chunks and fresh thyme. The green apples lend tender crunch, sweetness and a boatload of nutritional value including Vitamins A, B, C and G, Protein, Carbs, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus and Potassium. There are unlimited ways to prepare apples, and our pizza is one of the tastiest! And thyme, one of the most widely-used herbs, is the perfect accent for this pizza selection. Enjoy!

Kermit the Frog said it best, “It’s good to be green!” This “green giant” is lush with green olives, spinach and fresh sliced green bell peppers — and we didn’t forget the mozzarella! The Marinara sauce is made with ground tomatoes, carrots, onions, spices, corn and olive oils, and a splash of Chablis.

This is a south of the border delight made with spiced ground beef, sliced green peppers, light Jalapeños and mozzarella. The sauce is The Gourmet Pizza Club’s signature tomato-based sauce with onions, garlic, spices, Romano, oils and a kiss of Chablis wine.

My new personal favorite has Canadian bacon, green apples and fresh thyme, blanketed by aged mild cheddar.
The crowning touch is everybody’s favorite (mine, too!), Club’s award-winning special recipe tomato-based sauce.

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